Custom Woven Labels for Clothes and Apparel

Durable Customized Woven Labels for Clothing

Custom Woven Labels are manufactured using one or more large weaving looms that feed large spools of polyester threads. These little threads recreate the image given to the factory by the customer. The weave we use is called damask woven design.

The manufacturing process ensures a very high-quality label because Damask is a very tight weave. Customers prefer damask woven clothing labels because they are softer and less irritating when worn against the skin.

The tightly woven denier polyester threads will also ensure great detail in your logo. Last but not least, this pattern provides the durability you need for long term wear on any clothing or garment need.

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Gallery of our Custom Woven Label Results

Martin dingman countrywear woven labels
custom woven labels folds stheart nadia tarr ezekiel luckybrand
Stussy the c-list nautica GNU 2 wheel gear water wounded woven labels
Custom hot cut, Alora Ambiance woven labels with sticker backing.
Custom woven labels for Calculated brand
Custom hot cut, Alora Ambiance woven labels with sticker backing.
Custom hot cut, Alora Ambiance woven labels with sticker backing.
Custom hot cut, Alora Ambiance woven labels with sticker backing.
Custom StHeart Woven Labels in three different colors
Custom Red Bull Woven Label frozen rush
lucas oil sinclair amp energy cody simpson Custom Woven Labels with hot cut edges
Chrysler wolfgang michelin woven labels
Dime City derps innies combat ready bungie kawasaki woven labels
meriwether sacramento republic fc woven labels
Looney tunes smart buffalo wild wings star trek vans warped tour jurassic park
San onofre surf co san clemente California
monster energy target spotify cloud kicker audible rush woven labels
Aol chin up apparel discrete custom woven labels
Tite the strain B Fresh Jet Life Leota woven lable
Seea Bell Contract killer J Gerard Metallic thread woven lables
sailor jerry wh christian and sons inc uniforms the flash collection
gnu made in the usa ezekiel famous stars and straps rose bowl game authentic show hope
zace rebecca ray compaction rentals in n out burger aion freedom co grenade jim marshall
Hele Choppers Adobe Barakat Bespoke dissolve peace love rock n roll
Urban Halo baby lib tech wolfgang on the beach surf shop urban empire honest living G Eazy authentic merch

Some Examples of our Customized Woven Labels

CBF’s custom woven labels are made in a multitude of different folds.
Look below to see the different examples and then fold patterns that CBF can provide you for your woven label needs. 

custom woven labels folds stheart nadia tarr ezekiel luckybrand
  • The Nadia Tarr label is a Mitre fold.
  • The Ezekiel Made in the USA is a hot cut.
  • Time To Rock is a loop fold.
  • Junk Food Clothing for Lucky Brand is an end fold.
  • Stuart is a Manhattan fold.

If you are a first time customer needing labels made but don’t meet the minimum requirements let us know, and we will try to work with you to meet your needs.

Custom Woven Label Options

Custom Woven Labels made at CBF factories are all created with a careful damask weave, ensuring the highest standards of quality. By using the damask weave, the labels will be very dense and soft. This provides our customers durable custom-made woven labels for their clothing, ensuring long term wear.

At CBF Labels, all of our woven labels are completely custom made, meaning every customer we work with gets a unique design. If you intend to sell your clothing in a retail market or you need uniforms for a local organization, we can help! Our custom woven labels for clothes get the personal attention and quality you need for your product.

Different Types of Label Folds

Click here if you would prefer to Download the Fold Chart as a PDF.

CBF Labels number #1 product is Custom Woven Labels.
All of our custom woven labels are designed to meet your trim needs.
We manufacturer the highest quality woven labels with a combination of polyester and denier threads.

One of the great things about CBF’s custom woven labels is that you can receive a sample scan in 1-2 business days if production is domestic.

Production time is also another great benefit when going to purchase your labels with CBF. With our made in the USA woven labels, production time is only 5-7 business days. If you prefer to have your trims made overseas, we can accommodate. Production abroad will extend your lead time about 2-3 working days.

It is common for T-shirt companies to use more than one custom woven labels on a shirt for brand awareness and advertising. These custom clothing labels are placed as decorative pieces on sleeves and hems of t-shirts. It is a fun addition to have a hem or sleeve label on your garment.

Custom woven labels aren’t just limited to t-shirts. Much other clothing and other items can have these custom designed labels. Just to give you an idea of product woven labels can go on here are some examples: designer pillows, linens, purses, wallets and tote bags and even product packaging for soap or candles. Imagine pillows or linens having a soft, ultrasonic cut, fine thread woven lables that are almost invisible to the touch, but your branding is present.

The benefits of polyester apparel labels are:

  • Heat resistant, making it safe for household appliances like the dryer and ironing.
  • These labels are colorfast and won’t bleed onto the garment.
  • They are stronger than rayon, essentially making it one of the strongest fabrics available for labels.
  • Polyester retains its shape through much wear and washing, and ultimately lasts much longer.
clutch kid kr3w label Custom woven labels in black, red and white

For those who know how important branding is, when creating an impression on potential customer’s mind, personalized woven labels for clothes are one of the most efficient ways to achieve it.

By branding the woven labels with an unforgettable logo or even just a name that sticks;, you’ll ensure that your customers remember your brand. By using the highest quality woven labels, you’ll give your customers the added value so uncommon in today’s marketplace.

There are endlessly creative and unique ways to use custom woven labels to dress up a garment. So, when you are designing you apparel, consider brand awareness and how you can use custom woven labels to add extra flair and show everyone who made it! If you are ever looking for a quality woven label for clothing, then you have come to the right place at CBF Labels.

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