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Choosing the Right Clothing Label Manufacturer

Creating your apparel line takes a lot of work, dedication, and resources. You have to get everything lined up properly to pull it off, but you might not have taken care of one small but important aspect of this process yet. Have you chosen a custom clothing label manufacturer?

It may seem like an inconsequential choice, but who you go with as your label maker can have a big impact on how your brand is perceived and how successful your business venture is. The company who will be making your labels needs to be chosen carefully. It’s not something you want to rush into, and you do need to be aware that you can change suppliers with each new launch of your clothing line. If your current label maker is not working out for you or you simply think that you could do better, then you should consider changing to someone else.

We want to show you a few things you need to do in order to make the right choice and pick the most suitable label manufacturer.

Can They Handle the Workload?

First of all, the manufacturer needs to be able to fulfill your order in full and on time. They need to be able to produce the labels you request in a timely manner and not leave you hanging when your customers are expecting a shipment of apparel to come in. Even large manufacturing companies can struggle to deliver on time if they are overburdened and just have too many things going on at once. You should not only get in writing from the manufacturer the date you can expect for delivery of the labels, but you should also examine their reputation to see if they are considered to be reliable and trustworthy.

What Materials Do You Want?

Do you know what kind of material you would like to use in your labels? Not every clothing label manufacturer can deliver the labels you want in the material you want them to be made out of. Whether you are looking for vinyl, leather, stickers or some other materials for your tags and labels, the manufacturer has to be able to provide it for you and come through. The material should work well with the clothing, such as using cotton with cotton or leather patches with jeans. The label should look attractive and made from the right materials to last for a long time and fit with the design already in place. Make sure your proposed label manufacturer can do that for you.

Labels and Types: woven labels, printed labels, hang tags, embroidered patches, woven patches, leather patches, pvc patches, sticker tags, heat transfer labels, key chains & lanyards, and zipper pulls.

How Much Are They Charging?

You also need to find out how much it will cost to have our order completed. This includes getting the order done in the timeframe you want. If you need an expedited order, then find out how much that costs as well. The price changes based on the materials used too, so you will want to source quotes for using the different materials to make the labels you want.

Be sure to get any estimates in writing so that you can hold the manufacturer to them. You should compare prices to get an idea of what the average rate is and who is charging too much or too little. It is best to avoid the outliers, as they can be taking advantage of you and cause you to waste your money.

Can They Provide the Necessary Colors and Artwork?

One of the more important questions about picking a clothing label manufacturer is will they be able to give you the finished look that you want. They may have the materials and offer the labels at a decent price, but if they cannot pull off the look you want for the labels, then you should look elsewhere. You can find someone who meets your specifications if you look long enough.

You should have a finished design all planned out and ready to show them, with colors chosen as well. That way, you can get a pricing estimate from them and find out if they can do what you want in the level of detail that you require. Keep in mind that different materials will allow for different levels of detail, and you may need to pay more if you have very intricate and detailed labels that need to be made.

The clothing label manufacturer may be able to easily produce simple labels made from cotton in a white color and with only a few lines of writing on it or a very basic label. But providing a detailed, beautiful label that fits your specifications exactly may not be in the realm of possibility for all manufacturers, and you will have to make your choice carefully.

What Are Your Options?

The last question to ask yourself is what company should you go with. Once you have compared prices, narrowed down your choices and found some companies that can create labels according to your specifications, then you need to choose from those available options. It may be a tough choice or there could be a clear winner, but you won’t know if you are picking the right one until you have done the research and compared a few of your options.

Finding the right clothing label manufacturer really is an important part of the design and sale process. If you want your clothing line to be a hit and to have the look it should have, then you have to pay attention to all the details, including the labels the clothing will be adorned with. Those labels provide customers with essential information, they promote your brand, and they give the clothing a certain quality that creates perceptions about your brand in the customers’ minds.

We urge you to take the time to choose a decent clothing label manufacturer. You have put so much effort into every other part of the clothing manufacturing process, and it is vital that you give this aspect of it just as much thought and preparation.

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