Custom Woven Patches

Woven patches are excellent for quick, last minute additions to any garment.

Custom woven patches can be used for branding as well as style depending on the design and placement of these custom made labels and patches, Our woven patches are made with polyester thread and can be made in a standard shape or die cut to a custom shape. We also offer custom backing options such as heat seal, iron on, pressure sensitive and Velcro. 

Whether you need woven patches added to your garment in a hurry or you want a small, intricate design replicated without losing detail, woven patches are the way to go. Designers look to custom woven patches when the design depends on retaining the maximum amount of style and intricacy from the original design. A good woven patch ensures that every possible detail is captured, giving each customer a solution that will work for them. Also see our custom embroidered patches and other products.

Gallery of  Custom Woven Patches

On the Beach Surf Shop Monterey Bay The Streets Seven Springs Woven Patch Merrowed Edge
Rose Bowl Game Vizio Winter Clasic Bridgestone Washington DC Stanley Cul Finals Woven Patch Hot Cut
Hansens Surf Shop Encinitas California Woven Patch Merrowed Edge
Wavelengths morrow bay california Woven Patch Merrowed Edge
Pimpinjoy Bayern Brewing Inc Woven Patch Merrowed Edge
Coyote Ugly Death of Glory Woven Patch Merrowed Edge
Relief Pod San Fransisco I Shall Not Flag Nor Fail Woven Patch Merrowed Edge
Camp4 Collective Epicurrence Snowboards Woven Patch Merrowed Edge
Wavelengths morrow bay California Woven Patch Merrowed Edge

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Benefits to Using Customized Woven Patches

There are a number of reasons why a customer might choose to use a woven patch as opposed to direct thread work or an embroidery patch. Woven patches provide:

  • Clear, legible lettering – At small sizes, embroidered patches can lose some of the legibility found in the original artwork. For brand logos, contact information, or a motto, woven patches provide the detail required
  • Perfect for complex graphics – Not every patch is based on a simple design. When the source is a complex graphic that comes alive with enhanced detail, woven patches can provide the picture-perfect reproduction it deserves
  • Chain stitching appearance – Many customers find this look more suitable to their garment’s overall design
  • Identical quality at all sizes – Our custom patches can ensure that you get the same great quality no matter how small or large your surface area

Custom Patch Backings

With other types of patches, your backing options are often limited. With our woven patches, this is not the case. CBF Labels can offer specialized backing on our woven patches, including heat seal, iron-on, pressure sensitive, and Velcro. Each garment has its own needs when it comes to the patch and backing that is appropriate for the material and the look and feel desired. By using custom woven labels for clothing, you can choose the backing that will meet those needs without making compromises in quality.

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