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Benefits of Quality Labels made by CBF

 The Benefits of Quality Woven Labels – A must need for any clothing brand

quality woven labels


Now with all the technology, there are so many different types of garment tags. Why would anyone still use woven labels? Why are they still so popular? That’s simple! Because they are quick and cheap, hold up over time and wash, all while giving garments an upscale look. Just go out and get some Quality Woven Labels made in California by CBF.

Since these custom clothing labels are still made on a large loom, thousands of labels can be run all at once. This leaves cutting and folding as the more time-consuming step in the process. That’s why the more custom quality woven labels you order, the better the price. The longer the loom is on, the more labels are produced, making custom quality woven labels more cost-effective, reducing the price per label. This is especially true for custom clothing tags with size breaks such as small, medium and large because it is easier to change the sizes. Quality Woven Labels are the way to go to really make your brand stand out in today’s apparel industry.

Custom quality woven labels also stand up against the typical wear and tear. Quality clothing labels are woven rather than printed. This makes your woven labels more durable and the ability to not wash away or fade as quickly. The woven thread makes the images come to life and stay in place.

Finally, these custom labels for clothing give the garment a look of quality. Woven labels, if designed properly, can give the impression that the garment is high quality or even more “valuable” than other types of customized clothing labels. This perception can be achieved with intricate designs and texture or very soft labels with fine thread. If you choose so you can also make quality woven labels for yourself as demonstrated by this video.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWQW8qEcpa4″ width=”520″ height=”320″ responsive=”no” rel=”no” https=”yes” class=”center”]

However, we think your time is better spent building your brand. All in all, whether it is cost-effective, durability, or appearance, quality woven labels remain the standards in today’s apparel industry. Just take a look at all of the clothing labels that are currently available today. All upper-end brands you will see only use quality woven labels. These are the only type of labels that we manufacture at CBF Labels.

If Interested in some quality woven labels please give us a call at (714) 730-8087 or fill out our contact us form.

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