Woven Labels : 5 tips to make your garment tag shine!

Making your Garment Woven Tag Labels Shine

Looking to design some better custom woven labels and want to make sure they are better than the old ones?

Follow these 5 tips to make better custom Woven Labels and ensure your garments and designs aren’t spoiled by unpleasant, out-dated  labels.

#1. Start out the process right with clean, vectored artwork to scale. This is best done in Adobe Illustrator. Make sure the design is exactly what you want and try to keep it somewhat simple. For more exciting details, try considering a textured weave in the background of your woven labels.

Woven Labels

#2. Focus on your text. If it is tiny and hard to see, it will only get worse when it comes to making a the best woven labels. Make sure it is easily readable. If you have a hard time reading it on the computer, it will be the same, if not worse, when it is woven. Also, be careful not to make the text too small. The smaller the text, the less brand recognition you will get on your better custom woven labels.

 Woven Labels

 #3. Print test your soon-to-be better custom woven labels. It is a simple test that will save you time and frustration during the sample process. Just print the label artwork to the correct size, cut it out to the proper shape and size then place the paper label on the garment how it will be added when it is woven. Be sure to include any folds in your print test sample. This way you get a better visual of how the finished woven label will look. Check out more about more about woven fabrics.

Woven Labels

#4. Make sure when designing your new better custom woven labels to consider how you will be using the label. Keep your customers’ comfort in mind. Think about using folds or ultrasonic cutting to keep the custom woven labels soft and comfortable. Also, consider using a fine denier, or thinner, thread to make the labels soft and very clear for design purposes. These changes will offer a comfortable label that customers will keep in or on their garments allowing your brand awareness to be spread to other interested customers.

Mitre Folded Better Custom Woven LabelsWoven Labels

#5. Test your better custom woven label sample on the garment before approval. Obviously, this is going to be the most time consuming step that is often not possible with rushed labels. However, testing the sample can help ensure you have exactly what you need and want. Some customers’ even go as after as doing wash testing to make sure they are happy with their custom woven labels.

Many of these methods can be used on most of our products. Try them out and see how it goes. You will more than likely find that you will be much happier with the custom woven labels.

Woven Labels

For more information on these tips about better woven labels, feel free to give us a call or contacts us at cbf@www.cbflabel.com

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