4 Sticker Marketing Ideas You Can Copy From Local Organizations are Using Printed Stickers

🌞Sticker Branding – 4 Sticker Marketing Ideas Local Organizations Use That Your Business Isn’t (But Should)

Sticker Marketing Strategies & Branding Ideas – 4 Ways Local Organizations Are Using Printed Stickers

When we brainstorm ideas on getting the word out about our company or the services we offer, there’s a tendency to rush and perform a Google search for the best ways to promote a company.  

Although that is fine and dandy, and I’m sure you’ll find some great ideas. Here are four distinct ways that I remember from my personal experience that involves custom sticker labels being used as a great promotional and give-away product to help brand a company.

4 Sticker Marketing Ideas You Can Copy From Local Organizations are Using Printed Stickers

This article written by guest contributor Rob Pene

I remember noticing these organizations using tiny little stickers to their advantage, making a very big impact as they creatively worked to extend their marketing dollars beyond a simple flyer distribution system.

Elementary School Rewards Children for “Walk & Bike to School Day”

I did not realize there was such a thing as a “walk and bike to school day” until my daughter mentioned that she wanted to wake up at 6 a.m. then start walking to school because there was a special initiative she learned about in class.  

I thought to myself it was a great idea, then I wondered where it came from and what the purpose was. So I went online, did a little bit of research, and found that the purpose behind the initiative was to encourage physical activity, family connection, and getting more cars off the street.  

We did not wake up that early, but we did leave earlier than normal and park very very far so that we could walk to school along with everybody else that was walking. The interesting thing that happened was there were three times more volunteers with orange shirts on handing out stickers.

Of course, the children always love stickers!

But what caught my attention was that the sticker mirrored the embroidered logo on their t-shirt. In retrospect, I realized that it was a very good marketing move because the tiny little stickers are able to go further and reach more people due to its low cost, compared to the t-shirt. However, because the logo was very memorable, as it stood out on the t-shirt, it made me realize that I wanted a t-shirt as well and that the logo to our trusted elementary school was something I would be proud of wearing.

Kudos to our elementary school!!

Police Station Gives Every Child A Sticker At Community Festival

Recently at our local community center, the city put on a festival celebrating the diversity in our city as well as all the different small businesses that helped to provide jobs to the people of our community. it was a fun time!  There were booths for various organizations, entertainment, food, and a lot of people.

My kids love stickers and when the police were walking around handing each child a police badge sticker, somehow I ended up with 6 police badge stickers stuck to my chest.  These are the same stickers that they handed out when we walked by the police station the other day, which coincidentally was the same day that my son said he wanted to grow up to be a policeman.

The more people see your brand or icon the more memorable it becomes, and the higher the likelihood of establishing a lasting impact increases.   That is what it felt like when I saw the police stickers at the festival. It reminded me of when my son was excited about serving our local community in that capacity, as a policeman.

Oh, and yes, they too had t-shirts with their embroidered logo on it.

Consumer Law Attorney Promotes Free Consultations

I have a friend who is a local attorney that handles bankruptcy, foreclosure, lemon law, as a Consumer Law Attorney.  He is also quite the marketing mind. When I went over to visit with him, he had a big smile on his face and handed me a stack of sheets that almost looked like fortune cookie slivers, only 5x bigger.

I looked at it and all it said was “Talk to a lawyer for FREE” and in small font underneath was the phone number.  

I thought it was a great way to get people’s attention especially since we all know that lawyers and their hourly rates are very expensive. For my friend, well, his hourly rate is $695. I asked him why he chose to promote the free phone call versus promoting his brand and logo, he laughed and replied: “who doesn’t want to talk to an attorney for FREE?”

His rationale made a lot of sense to me. as we parted ways I noticed that he had a bumper sticker that said the same thing.  Looks like he was utilizing those marketing chops to his advantage.

I asked him if he had a t-shirt with the same message, he replied no, but then he opened the trunk of his car and took out a bag which by the way had that same exact same embroidered to the side of it.  

Nice job and well played 🙂

Beauty Salon Offers Discount At Local Shopping Center

Who doesn’t like free stuff right? I would say the same thing about discounts. Who doesn’t love a good discount?

A local Beauty Salon was handing out free combs at the nearby shopping center. I thought it was an interesting giveaway, but the more intriguing part was tucked away inside the package.  It was a 50% off coupon to their beauty salon inside. The logo was absent on the packaging and on the front of the coupon, it had 50% off, and on the back of the coupon, it had the phone number, address, and website.

I think that was quite effective and actually extremely relevant because of the comb.

I’m sure a lot of people (especially the women) might have taken them up on their offer.

Assuming they did a great job at the salon, I think people would also buy merchandise at the salon.  The initial incentive of the free giveaway coupled with the discount coupon is a great deal by itself.  But then you add in quality service, with quality merchandise, it sure looks to me like a winning formula.

Nice Job, Nice Job!

All these different scenarios had great ideas and executed on the purpose of promoting their brand in multiple ways.  They all had a small and versatile item, like the sticker or the discount coupon, and were able to give it to as many people as possible. Yet, at the same time, they had items of much higher value, like the shirts with embroidery patches and the embroidered bag on display.

By giving away the low-cost item while showcasing the higher value item at the same time, it certainly helped to increase awareness for the brand and extend its reach as well.

Nice job, nice job.

If you’re looking to extend the reach of your company message or brand, consider printing stickers, discount coupons and embroidering merchandise with your message.  You’ll be surprised who remembers where they saw your logo and with whom it was associated with.

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