Custom PVC Patches and Rubber Clothing Labels

Rubber, PVC and silicone patches

Rubber, PVC and silicone patches are often used on sports apparel, car merchandise, keychains, packaging, footwear, surf and snow sporting goods. They are made for durability and are moisture resistant. They have a 3D raised surface which is often a benefit for branding purposes.

  • Silicone is a synthetic material that has low toxicity. Products for babies or children. Silicone is the most environmentally friendly of the three options.
  • PVC is the most common synthetic material. It is soft and bendable and also recyclable.

Molds are created for each type of rubber patch. The material is then injected into the mold. Molds cost approximately $250 and incur a one-time fee. Let CBF Labels create this mold for your company to provide you the perfect rubber patches.


The application process for these types of clothing labels is varied. Sewing them on is the best option if attaching them onto the wearable material. If sewing them on then your patches will have a customized sewing channel in the border of the patch. Rubber patches can also be applied to heat welding machine or sticker adhesive backing.


  • Sample 7-10 business days
  • Production 9-14 business days
  • Minimum 250

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