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Custom Printed Clothing Labels

Printed clothing labels are often used for care content labels required by government. . Materials that can be printed on are satin both single and double sided, linen, custom dyed fabrics, natural cotton, coated fabric, slit edge polyester, woven edge polyester, twill tape, and flat combed cotton.


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Printed Clothing Labels are excellent for very intricate designs and care content labels

There are several different kinds of printed label possibilities. We can make offset, inkjet, laser, silkscreen, thermal, computer generated or letter flex-press (flexo) labels.

For thermal care labels it is a slightly different printing process. The thermal foil is heated by the printer and then transferred onto the fabric tape. The end result is a smooth finish on the label. Materials available are white woven, slit edge satin and coated nylon polyester tape. Care label printing can be done on either one or or both sides of your label. However remeber with printed labels you are limited to only black ink. If you are looking for a label with a colored font your options are then only a woven labels.

There are however multiple colors available for the actually garment tag. In addition if you really want to add some flare to your printed label for clothing their are some foil embedding options that we can offer you. Cuts and fold options include center fold, hot cut, and sonic cut.

Printed labels use a plate that must be made first. There is a one-time plate charge for printed labels. If labels are ever re-ordered the plate charge fee does not apply.


Production Time for Printed Labels


  • Sample 7-10 business days
  • Production 10-12 business days
  • Minimum 1000 (1 time exemption new clients)


  • No physical sample only e-proof
  • Production 7-10 business days

(first time customer exemptions)


In addition to the incomparable quality we deliver on every job, CBF Labels delivers fast for each and every client making sure we meet your busy production schedule. We deliver printed clothing labels in no more than 7 days, adhere to a production time of 4-7 days, and offer a USA Made option for clients who desire American production. With a minimum order of only 1,000 pieces, we are as committed to exceptional customer service for our smaller clients as we are our larger brands.


When it comes to printed clothing labels, a company has only its reputation to fall back on. At CBF Labels, our reputation speaks for itself. Having provided printed garment labels for a wide variety of large and small brands on time and on budget, we have the experience, expertise, and technology to provide you with the best printed clothing labels in the marketplace. Intricate artwork and custom care labels need a high quality process to bring them to life. CBF Labels sees anything less than complete customer satisfaction as a failure and we deliver our best work to every client. Whether you’re in charge of an international manufacturing company or a small, independent design firm, you’ve found the last source you’ll ever need for garment labels. Check out this site if you are more interested in learning about making your own clothing brand.


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CBF provides the following cuts and folds for print clothing labels.

Printed labels for clothing styles

Download the Fold Chart here.