New Apparel Trims
elastic ribbon new product

New Apparel Trims

Check out some of our new products! This month, we have different styles of embroidered patches. From 100% embroidery to dye-sublimation, you can create a patch that fits your brand best!

elastic samples

At CBF Labels we can now make elastic ribbon labels for undergarments or athletic apparel. The options with the elastic options gives clothing brands so many more options to brand their products. We can weave your logo or design right into the band.

Apache sublimated dye patch

Dye-sublimated embroidered patches are great for designs with many colors as you can print an unlimited about of colors with this process. If you have small fonts you can use this process to still keep the font needed. This process is used for achieving exceptional detail in each patch. Sublimation can be on twill, embroidery, and satin. There are several different processes to get the same dye sublimated effect. We work with our factory to get you the best possible price for these custom patches.

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