Custom Leather Patches & Suede Labels

Custom leather patches and suede patches give garments gorgeous details and a durable appearance. Enhance your brands apparel with a high-quality customized leather patch today!

Leather labels are perhaps the best way to showcase the quality of your brand when choosing a high-quality customized clothing label for your product needs. Not only does CBF make Real Leather Patches made in the USA, they also make Suede Leather pieces to keep your prices down. We also offer overseas options for larger orders to drastically decrease the price.

Want a fast and easy quote? We will get back to you in 24 hours or less!

Overseas and USA Production is available.

Wolf gray felt pouch and leather embossed patch
various custom leather hands like houses 1816 Diego milano stheart
Stussy black leather patch
special blend nesta international rebecca ray america couture real leather
mccoys building supply lib tech and eddie zaratsian leather and pholeather
Fake leather we got soccer the hustle woofie walkie
hands like houses canberra fake leather patch
Earls restaurant Custom Suede Labels
PHS custom leather patches
Reel Lifestyles SooMe San Fransisco leather patches
Skateboarding custom suede patches
snoozer real and fake leather patches custom leather
Custom Leather Patches for customer PHS
Avo studio custom leather and suede
custom patches for Remington arms Co 1816

Custom Leather Patches, Faux Leather Tags, Suede Patches & More

Genuine leather tags vary in tone, based on where the leather is cut.

Faux leather is a human-made synthetic material, and each piece will be the same tone. Leather patches and suede patches give garments the appearance of high quality because quality leather can be a relatively inexpensive way to enhance the look of any product.

R4E Defense De Oppresso Liber custom patches

Endless options with personalized leather patches from CBF Labels!

The options are endless with leather. For clients, we have made leather patches for hats, hang tag leather pieces, and also even name cards made from leather. These are just a few options of how CBF Labels can help you pick the best leather solution to meet your garment trim needs. With CBF Labels custom in-house label designing the options are endless on what you can do with leather and faux leather patches and tags. Just check out the leather labels that we did for Snoozers or many other brands for example of the possibilities.

There are many options when it comes to the imprinting process on leather and suede. Here are a few to give your customers an idea of the possibilities for a personalized patch order: screen printing, foil stamping, hot stamping, embossing, de-bossing, color-fill, stitching and embroidery, a metal plate or metal typography on leather.

Like all of our other products (custom woven labels, woven patches, hang tags, embroidered patches) we only make custom pieces per our customer’s needs. We have books full of leather swatches to suit every clients’ needs! Let your customer service representative know what you are looking for, and we can send you images of leather patch samples to match your needs. Leather and suede can both be dyed to match if exact Pantone shades

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