Get That Perfect Rugged Look For Your Apparel

Leather Patches Are Perfect for a Rugged Look

The leather jacket has long been the quintessential cool look for men and women alike. James Dean made it a staple of a man’s wardrobe in his Hollywood heyday, and television characters like “The Fonz” from Happy Days ensured that its association with effortless cool was maintained from one generation to the next. Whether they are bomber jackets or biker vests, the leather jacket has never lost its inheritance over the last few decades, and there is little chance that this is going to change anytime soon.

In order to not look like every other person wanting to be the next cool guy or gal, many people will personalize their leather jackets. They’ll put leather patches on the back, arm or shoulder to signify their allegiances, fandom or patriotism. It’s not uncommon for people to emblazon their jackets with the flag of their country, the insignia of their group or even the name of their company. It’s a way to show people what they stand for and add some character to a wardrobe staple.

It doesn’t have to cost you a lot to add on patches to a leather jacket that someone already has an attachment to. The work doesn’t have to jeopardize their favorite clothes either. It can be added skillfully and inexpensively to any kind of leather product to make it stand out and become a personal statement.

Adding a leather patch to a jacket can be an excellent way to add value or longevity to something that maybe seems out of style for an individual or that may not be something that fits with their typical apparel choices.

Of course, leather patches can be added to a wide range of garments. Denim (including jeans and coats), khaki, cotton and more can all be fitted with leather patches that are made to fit well with their overall design and that can be permanently attached without harming the material they are attached to. Leather patches also look great on caps and hats of all kinds, giving consumers a way to proudly show off the groups they support or sports teams they favor. This is a great alternative to buying branded apparel, as consumers can have their own apparel made to their specifications.

While leather patches are typically associated with a cool or rugged look, they have other uses as well. They will almost always have a rugged look to them, though, and that can add some real character to clothing that seems simple, elegant or modern and that could benefit from a more grounded or personalized look.

Custom leather patches allow consumers to put their own spin on clothes that they purchase or that they have had sitting around for a while. This can breathe new life into otherwise simple clothes and transform them into something entirely different, in a way that is inexpensive.

It’s also a great way for companies to promote their brand, showing that they have some character and ruggedness to them and creating a persona to their brand.

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