Offer Comfort by Using Heat Transfer Labels

Heat Transfer Labels Improve Comfort

How can you advertise your brand and add labels to a piece of clothing without making it uncomfortable? We all know the sensation of having a tag scratching at the back of your neck on your shirt or the discomfort of having a tag from your jeans poking through the bottom of your shirt and causing irritation. These are common issues that can be solved by being a bit smarter with your tags.

If you choose heat transfer labels instead of woven labels or some other type of custom tag, then you can reduce irritation and increase comfort for the wearer.

Ultimately, when you add a label to a piece of clothing, a backpack, a hat or some other product, you are advertising your brand. How that label affects the customer will determine what they think of your company. If the customer is irritated with your labels, then they are going to be irritated with your company. There is a good chance that they will remember your company name when they are going to buy clothes and then not buy anything you produce because of how your tags irritated them.

This is true of your employees as well if you are adding tags to company products that you want your employees to wear. They may not be motived to put on the uniform and come to work if they know the labels that have to be a part of the clothing are going to irritate them. If the label on their hat is sticking out, is scratching their head or is too heavy, then that will be uncomfortable. If they have tags on their shirts or pants that are itching them, then that can make them irritable and less likely to be effective at work.

You can use heat transfer labels to eliminate clothing tag irritation. These provide seamless integration with the clothing, and the wearer will hardly even notice they are there. These are the most comfortable tags you can use since they don’t stick out or scratch the wearer. You can always replace the current tags you have on your clothing with these. It may take some work, some time and some money, but it can be worth it to have your company look better in the eyes of your customers and employees.

Remember that even if you are attaching labels to just the employee clothing, there is still a risk that you can hurt your company’s reputation. Those employees may talk about your company and tell others about how the labels irritate them and how management doesn’t seem to care about their discomfort. That can leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth and make them less likely to do business with you. You have to be careful about how you treat your employees, even when it comes to choosing the type of label that will be on their clothes.

You can make a huge difference in how your employees feel about you and your company or how your costumers perceive your brand by ensuring that labels are unobtrusive, that they are comfortable and that they present your company in a positive light. Remember that these days word of mouth can spread very fast, and if one person is unsatisfied with your company’s output or actions, then a lot of people can find out about that quickly. The reverse is true as well, though. If you are taking good care of your employees, if you’re using heat transfer labels that are comfortable for employees or for customers, then people may start talking about that as well. Do the right thing for your company and consider using this kind of label for your clothing.

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