Liquid Metal is unique, it is different, and it is trending.

We just witnessed Liquid Metal trend big and you probably will too.

CBF Labels and the Anaheim Ducks go together like Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Oscars. Here in Orange County we are big fans to say the least – and we attend a lot of games.

The Ducks are also our customer so we always stop by the Team Shop and take a look at what is trending in sports apparel.

It was here two weeks ago that we witnessed the explosive growth of Liquid Metal. These heat transferred logos were on scarves, hats, and shirts. Taking a lap around the stadium we saw a lot of people already wearing the team gear with Liquid Metal. The Ducks were selling a lot of it right off the bat.

What are we talking about when we say Liquid Metal?

Automobile Logo in TPU Label FormVibrant, shiny, metallic transfers made out of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) that bring out color and texture in a way that gives brand logos a very distinguished and polished look. Liquid Metal is unique, it is different, and it is trending.

CBF has been offering Liquid Metal for a couple of years since we first put it on our own shirts. It’s always been a niche business compared our bread and butter of labels, hang tags, and patches.

CBF Labels Inc Liquid Metal LogoBut my experience at the Ducks game led me to research just how popular Liquid Metal is becoming.

Very, it turns out.

Soccer teams first introduced Liquid Metal lines last year. Football and basketball teams followed suit. Although I couldn’t find specific sales data, I did find out that most sports teams will be offering Liquid Metal on their lines of sports apparel next year.

So then I thought, this is just material for sports teams, right? Nope. Non-sports brands are using Liquid Metal. Even high-end fashion brands like Gucci, Prada, and Armani. Large corporations like software companies are using it. Professional uniforms designers are using it. Promotional product companies are putting it on both apparel and hard goods.

It is not everywhere yet, but it looks like it could be soon.

Seeing a trend like this is exciting for all of us at CBF. We have been offering Liquid Metal transfers for the last couple of years.

We offer Liquid Metal in all three forms:

Dome Liquid Metal
Texturized Liquid Metal
Beveled Liquid Metal
Dome Liquid Metal Label
Dome Liquid Metal Label
Bayer Texturized Liquid Metal Label
Texturized Liquid Metal Label
Beveled Liquid Metal Label
Beveled Liquid Metal Label
Dome has a shiny finish and creates a unique 3D effect on apparel.
Texturized adds texture to the graphic.
Beveled edges create another unique 3D effect with edges.

On all three styles, both metallic and non-metallic finishes are available. Liquid Metal can be applied to garments by transfer or come with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Our Liquid Metal has fast turn times, is tested for proven performance, and is easy to order from our dedicated sales and services team.

If you haven’t noticed Liquid Metal around yet, I will bet that by this fall football season you will. If you are not experimenting with Liquid Metal in your own brand or product catalog, I encourage you to do so. The big brands are taking a hard look at this and we all should put it higher on the priority list for this coming year.

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