Some of the clothing hang tags CBF Labels Makes

Clothing Hang Tags to Enhance Your Brand

If you own a clothing brand, sell garments or fashion accessories, or are a marketer for a clothing brand

you should know that ordering clothing hang tags for your company will be the smartest way to not only attract more sales, but to also promote your brand. Their are many methods of doing this with hang tags and this article will explain just some of the methods that successful clothing brands are using to do this.

The smartest fashion entrepreneurs rely on hang tags in order to market their designs. These hang tags relay important facts about garments to consumers. For example, they often include sizing information, pricing information and company names. They may also include logos and contact information, such as their website address. Below is an example of one of the clothing hang tags we made for our client Junk Food Clothing. Notice how much branding they included on their clothing hang tag as well as using their website’s URL on the bottom of the tag.  Clothing Hang Tags with Website Info

Clothing hang tags may appear simple and basic or more elaborate in terms of their design elements and layouts. Most hang tags are made from cardboard – however, materials can vary, and CBF Labels has countless options for your brand in regards to hang tag materials. Finding what is best will be all about considering the options, taking your budget into account and then choosing the perfect layout, color palette and design.Marvel GNU clothing custom hang tags

Another example of how you can attract clients to your brand is with the use of sticker hang tags. With Sticker Hang tags you can let your clients not only be attracted by your brand but also let them peal off a sticker so they will promote your brand. This can be great in creating a long term client brand relationship that will result in very loyal customers.

Taking care to create an attractive hang tag design which highlights everything that is special about your brand; featuring all of the right information, will help you to achieve your brands potential in the ultra-competitive garment industry. You always want to make sure to differentiate yourself from the competition and make your brand stand out.

Without the right hang tag designs, your clothes may not have the cachet that they could. In addition you could be loosing out on building brand loyal customers…

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