Custom Hang Tags for Clothes & Apparel

Customized Apparel, Clothing and Merchandise Hanging Tags

Hang Tags made by CBF are all customized clothing labels to meet the needs of our customers. Custom hang tags can be any shape, size, color, material, and thickness. Some of our clients skip the traditional paper hang tags and and creatively use stickers, etched wood or embossed custom leather patches that serve as hangtags for their garment. Other materials that designers have designed as Hang Tags are custom woven labels, printed labels, printed chipboard, coated fabric, or rubber/PVC tags like a key chain.

All tags are made to order. Simply fill the form below and someone will get back to you in 24 hours to discuss your projects needs!

Sample of Clothes Hang Tags that we supply

Native Owned VOSQ Clothing Camp Collection 1791 Co Denim hang tags
Freenote LibTech MinkaBinx custom hang tags canvas
Paul Smith VOSQ Native owned Clothing Ginger Pegg hang tags
Various hanging tags and brands
Sailor Jerry custom hangtag
Junk Food and Lyric Culture del mar Camp Danner Circa custom clothing hang tags
custom hang tag for batman fifth sun
Nintendo batman star wars fifth sun custom hangtags
widmer brothers custom hang tag
Bell Duckworth women hotel custom hang tags
Monster energy south aftika fifa wold cup trojans team trojan hang tags
susan lu los angeles 1321 hang tags
alchemy detroit custom hang tags
Marvel GNU clothing custom hang tags
eggtart zoe LTD Love surf custom hangtags

Custom Clothing Hang Tags are an excellent way to promote brand identification.

Because everything is custom, we can do any thickness of paper stock requested. Other unique options include soft-touch coating and foil printing. Soft touch coating gives the paper clothing hang tags a soft velvet finish. Foil print makes the text or images metallic and reflective. The foil can be any color desired.

Hang tags are an opportunity to reach your target customer, so design them with your buyer persona in mind. Themes, design choices and color palettes should all be centered around your customers’ needs and desires. Hang tags also reflect your brand identity and reinforce your company values.

Material: 12point to 40 point stock
Size: under 4” x 3”
Attachment: string + pin
Prints: 1 to 4 color process
1,000+$0.75 / each
2,500+$0.49 / each
5,000+$0.29 / each
Sample Order100$250 / lot
Sample Lead Time: 10-12 business days
Production Lead time: 10-12 business days from sample approval

Delivery within 10% over or under quantity ordered is industry standard. Prices are subject to change depending on the final artwork approval.
Any additional changes made by the customer will incur $150.00 pattern change charge, per change.
Set Up charges for rubber, hangtags, plastic, cloth, or metal, are incurred when a sample is made. We recommend that our products, be tested by the user to determine if the product chosen is suitable for the purpose intended.
Art charges are $65.00/hour with a minimum charge of $15. We will not assume responsibility for any damages,since we have no control over the use, washing or processing.
Purchaser agrees to defend and indemnify CBF for any claim arising out of the use, washing, or processing of CBF’s products.
*Payment: 50% deposit and 50% before production is complete will be required unless credit terms have been established with CBF Factor.

Ways to attach your hang tag to your merchandise

Hanging Tags with String

Tags need to be attached to the product, and there are many great options. We carry twine, yarn, elastic, satin ribbon, wax coated string, hemp string, polyester string, jute string, grosgrain ribbon, as well as ball and metal chains. When you add a line to your custom order, it comes attached to the garment tag and knotted. The length of the line option is also up to the customer.

2 Black Hang Tags with string
3 Different white hanging tags with different color string for attaching
Bell Duckworth women hotel custom hang tags

Hang Tags with Metal Pins

Here are just some of the metal pin options that CBF Labels can provide you with your custom tags to secure them to garments. Just inquire, and we will be more than happy to send you many more pictures of the options and customizability that CBF can offer you. Check out all the custom clothing labels that CBF can provide you as we have we other clients like Widmer Brothers.

12 Hanging tags with metal pins