Custom Embroidered Patches for Garments

Custom Embroidered Patches are thicker than woven patches and used for bolder designs.

Custom embroidered patches with twill fabric and polyester threads are one of the many custom labels for clothes that CBF Labels specializes in producing. Embroidered patches can be produced in any shape or size needed. For the letters to be legible, the size of letters should be at least 3/16” high on twill background, or 1/4” high on heavier fabric background or stitched background.

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Sample of Custom Embroidery Patches:

Horses cut shot embroidered patch with merrowed edge
washington nationals Custom Embroidered Patch
Anaheim ducks custom embroidered patches
New Belgium Want a Beer Horses cut shop rogers pilsner kill cliff depalma america
Dodge Ram GeForce Sports Humber embroidered patches
custom embroidered patches Dallas stars cal state northridge matadors sjohns red storm RU highlanders
embroidered patches Pasadena city college cornell BC Eagles
As thick as thieves California Famous embroidered patch
Hammered Heads SC State University Anaheim Ducks embroidered patches
Embroidered on felt patches keeping it weird love more foreverlong
ebay great minds think otherwise custom labels clients customers
Dropkick murphys custom embroidered patches
Stheart undefined dynamics worldwide sert to save lives embroidered patches
Kitchen Kids custom patches
custom embroidered patches

Border Options for Patches

There are three types of boundaries for embroidered clothing patches.

Merrow border is a 1/8” border that over locks the edge of the pieces to give it a nice raised edge. Only embroidered labels with regular shapes or slightly irregular shapes with horizontal angles can be merrowed.

Die-cut patches don’t have an over-locking border. The background material shows on the edges no matter if there is a stitched edge or not. The shapes of these labels can be regular or slightly irregular.

Hot-cut is the best choice for patches with irregular shapes. The fabric of the edge is completely trimmed off so that it will never fray. Heat-cut embroidery patches with heat seal backing is a great alternative for direct embroidery.

Patch Material Options

Embroidered patches are made with twill fabric and polyester threads. We are all about customization, so we provide several other options of materials that will be embroidered. These include reflective material, neon twill, felt, imitation leather, and suede. Thread colors are chosen from Pantone colors.

Embroidery Patch Backing Options

There are several ways to attach custom embroidered patches to your product. Heat seal, iron on, pressure sensitive, magnet, pellon, plastic, and Velcro backing. Below is a list of what options might be best for you. Patches can also be sewn on. Our company does not attach the labels, but we can help you find somewhere local to your area who does.

Here are descriptions of the different backing options for our patches. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will walk you through the process to get the best possible option for your product.

More Details on Our Patch Backing Options

  • Plastic is a clear film that is applied to the back of the patch to make it stiffer and seal in the threads.
  • Pellon is a white opaque material that covers the back to seal in the threads and make the emblems slightly stiff.
  • Heat Seal is material on the back of the patch that is then able to be ironed on to another surface.
  • Pressure Sensitive Backing is a sticker that can be a semi-permanent or temporary.
  • Velcro backing is easily applied and detached from garments or displays.
  • A magnet will cover the back of the patch that can be attached to any surface that contains metal.
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