What should you do with seldom used clothes

What to do with seldom-used clothes

After one spent a good chunk of his budget on clothing it could be unnerving to see seldom-used clothes (or some may still have their tags on), still in the same state – almost unused. And when it no longer fits the owner or suits his taste, it all the more becomes a sad state because it only means one thing – the money used to buy it just went down the drain. But there are ways to bring them back to life, or at least bring back part of the money you spent on them.

  1. Drop them off for Consignment. Why not look for a clothing consignment store and bring over old clothes that can still be worn – and liked — by others? Nooga.com emphasizes that this is a great way of getting money out of your old clothes. “You will need to put your stuff on hangers, price it according to the standards and guidelines of the specific sale, and participate in drop-off and pickup.” Here’s a list of shops that nooga.com’s author consigned at. CBF Hang Tags
  1. Donate them. Libertytax.com encourages consumers to donate old clothes because by doing so they do not only help others, they also get to help themselves through the charitable deductions that they could apply in their annual income tax. “If you itemize deductions on your federal tax return, you may be able to claim a charitable deduction when you donate dresses or you donate suits or other items of clothing. The IRS allows you to deduct the fair market value of clothing, shoes, household goods and more.”
  1. Organize a clothing swap – Challenge your friends to do a clothing swap meet, so you could at least get “new” clothes, in exchange for those that you no longer want. Livingwellspendingless.com says this could even be a good way to bond with your friends. “Host a party where everyone brings a set number of clothing items they are ready to part with. Each person exchanges their items for others’ items and goes home with a shopping bag of “new” items”
  1. Re-Purpose them. Theecotoneexchange.com lauded the fashion industry’s effort at recycling clothes and turning it into new fabulous items. “It’s encouraging to know that a such a huge industry as fashion is looking toward a sustainable future.”


Seldom-used clothes should still have a purpose. If the owner cannot wear them anymore, it should be sold, repurposed, or given to someone who needs it.

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