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Are you stuck on what garment labels are going to be best for your new line? Maybe your current line could use a fresh new look to catch your customers’ eyes? Well, here are the top 3 garment labels we think will help sell your line.

1.  Hang Tags as Garment LabelsGaRmenT LABels by CFB

Customized hang tags are an excellent form of garment labels. They catch your customers’ attention, especially when you are competing against so many other lines in stores. Creating a vibrant or flashy hang tag might seem silly, but it could be what makes your garment stand out among the rest. Have an elegant dress? Try some elegant artwork and text with foil to catch the eye of your customers. The options are endless. Just go with the garment label that represents your apparel line the most and make sure the hang tags are appealing.

Hang tags are also a great way to show off your company branding. What is your company all about? This is where you can really show what kind of company and style your garments project. This can be a great way to show how your garment is environmentally conscious or one of a kind.

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 2. Care Labels

Care labels are important for obvious reasons. This is the perfect place to provide information such as size, material and wash instructions. You may also want to consider your branding on the care labels. Every little bit counts.

Depending on the type of product and amount of branding, you may want to consider a tear away label as to not inconvenience the customer. Sometimes, starched  Woven Labels are not ideal for swimsuits or scarves. Plus, these general show your company branding somewhere anyway so this would not be a good choice. A tear away label might be more appropriate.

But don’t stop there! Go “all out” with your garment labels. Use fun wording for your quirky brands or corresponding name descriptions for sizes. Have a funny t-shirt line? Try describing your care content with a little comedy. Show your customers you believe in your brand down to every little detail. Try to use custom printed clothing labels as your care label of choice.

Care instruction for garment labels Funny care label for garments funny wash instruction woven labels Simple care instruction labels Simple Woven wash instruction label





3.  Branding / Neck Label Garment Labels

Branding is an essential part of any product and garment labels are needed to accomplish this. Don’t skip on the garment labels. Have you ever heard garment labelsomeone ask “where is that shirt from?” or “what brand are those jeans” Woven clothing label for garmentsWoven or embroidered, neck, hem or sleeve label; make sure you have one somewhere. These garment labels are essential for making sure customers notice your brand to promote your garments labels for you by word of mouth.    Printed label with company logo

Make sure these garment labels represent your company as much as possible. There are so many options of how to show off Flashy Woven Label with Logoyour labels the “the sky is the limit” to what you can do, so be creative! Have a “high end” luxurious line? Use a high end label with a textured weave to really show that your garment is truly worth a little extra cash. Have retro garments in your line? Then, give your labels a retro design with your logo so your customers will really be able to connect with the garments.

Leather patches and suede patches give garments the appearance of high quality.

Woven clothing label with pattern backgroundEvery detail counts with your garments, so make sure you remember to make the same effort with you garment labels to give yourself an edge on the competition.  Really show your customers what your garments represent as a company. Even the biggest projects depend on the smallest of details.




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