Best Labels for Clothing like T-shirts

There are many traditional labels for clothing “combos”

Labels For Clothing   
Think about burgers and fries, peanut butter and jelly, lipstick and lipgloss, high heels and skinny jeans. The same can be said for the best labels for clothing combinations for T-shirts. There are so many different options for labels for clothing that sometimes what is really best depends on the apparel line itself.  However, the best combination for t-shirt lines is custom woven hem labels and a custom neck labels with a custom hang tag. This is currently what most of our customers are purchasing for their labels for clothing.

Custom woven neck labels can be used for a dual purpose. They can be used for branding and for care content or copyright information. Hem labels for clothing can also be dual purpose. These custom woven labels can be used for branding and for adding an extra embellished to the t-shirt. Then one must use a a hang tag to complete the package of labels for their clothing line. Custom hang tags are useful for branding and any additional important or special information that potential customers might be interested in knowing. These custom labels for clothing help catch customers’ attention and help the brand get noticed in the store and out.

Hang Tags are mostly an in the store type of branding label while woven labels and hem labels always stay. You can check out some of the T-Shirts that we have done labels for clothing at on Also you can check out any sort of heat transferred labels that are getting more popular know to instead of purchasing a hem label.

At the end of the day however it is up to you to be the decision maker for your brand on what printed clothing labels and woven labels for clothing that you desire. Just remember to always think of labels for clothing as a package for your apparel item and just not one clothing label.


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