Personalized T Shirt Labels and Tags

Custom T-Shirt Tags & Labels

Just about every piece of clothing comes with an apparel label. For something so small, these labels are essential parts of apparel and garments. In the United States of America, and many other countries, clothing can’t be sold if it does not have a care label or does not have care instructions which are found on a label. The tags are significant because they contain vital information about the garment just as other goods we purchase have labels around their containers that tell us everything we need to know about the content of the container or the product we are buying.

Personalized T Shirt Labels and Tags
Most labels are generic in nature containing the same information and following specific formats depending on the standard styles of labels which include a die cut, a Manhattan cut, straight cut, loop fold, centerfold, end fold, and a miter fold.

Types of T Shirt Labels

Labels are generally of two types, printed cloth, and fabric pieces. These two types have their disadvantages and advantages. The printed cloth fabric is known to fade with time, usually after washing them multiple times. In general, most brand names are okay with having a generic label especially since most people don’t pay much attention to the labels and customized labels cost a little bit more money. However, brands focusing on t-shirts utilize a personalized label which would be unique to their brand.

The most significant advantage of having a customized T-shirt label is the exclusivity. No one else has a tag design like your own, which makes it easier for customers to pinpoint your product and prove the authenticity of your items anywhere they see it. Also when it comes to T-shirts, labels are incredibly important, almost as important as the tshirt design or lack of design. A custom t shirt label would go a long way to giving a T-shirt that unique factor. These customized T-shirt labels are usually placed on the top inside corner of the back of the T-shirt where it can be seen by people easily.

What’s On A Customized T-Shirt Label?

On a standard generic article trim/label, certain things must be present, including care instructions, brand name, information on the material and size of the fabric. These things should also show up on the custom labels together because of how important they are. However, some more information is expected to be shown on the material, and this includes the country of origin and the RN number. The RN number refers to the Registered Identification Number which is issued to the brand by the Federal Trade Commission. Care instructions are vital and must not be forgotten as the shirt would be unable to be sold.

Unlike standard labels which are made from damask or woven fabric, custom T-shirt labels typically are not. They are usually printed using a particular type of ink. Sometimes when the T-shirt in question features lighter colors, the brand should make sure the ink used for the label does not bleed out through to the other side and destroy the cloth.

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