Why Labels?

Why do you need to have a label in your garment? Is it really that important? In many ways it can be. There are many different purposes for apparel labels. They are most commonly used for brand identification, care instructions and decoration.

Brand identification is important for a couple of reasons. One, it helps set the tone for a company’s perceived style and attitude. Second, and most common, it helps people determine who made the garment so that they can pass on brand awareness to other. Everyone has had the same experience when a person asks who made the garment you were wearing. More often than not, you look at the tag to answer the question.

Care Instructions are also on many garments. The most important reason is that care label rules are regulated by the United States Federal Trade Commission and must be carefully followed to avoid fines. Second, these detailed labels are convenient for customers to determine size and wash instructions.

Finally, labels can be used on the outside of clothing on the sleeve or the hem. This often serves the dual purpose of adding a decorative effect and as branding if the brand name or logo is used.

As you can see labels have several uses and play a vital role for every garment.

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