White Warp vs. Black Warp Labels

You may be approached with the question, “Do you like the white warp or black warp version of the woven label?”

What does that’s mean? This does NOT mean you have simple black and white label; this affects every label. The warp is this base thread of the loom used to weave a woven label or patch. Every loom is most commonly set up as a black warp loom or a white warp loom.

Can you tell the difference between the two labels below?

Black warp labels

The one on the left is the black wrap and the one on the right is the white warp. This small detail can have a big impact on the color of your label. White warp will often make a label appear slightly brighter or lighter in thread color. On the other hand, the black will make a label slightly darker. This is shown in the image above.

On rare occasions, for very large quantities, the warp labels can be a different color other than black or white. This is not done often because of the tremendous amount of time, work and cost it takes to change a loom’s warp. In order to change the warp, the new color needs to be threaded through each of the many needles on the loom. While there is a difference is color, most of the time the black or white warp is sufficient and changing the warp color is not worth the cost.

Now, when faced with this question, you will be able to determine your preference depending on you apparel trim needs. We have warp labels or any type of label or branding product you need.

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