5 Tips to Save Bucks with Sew on Clothing Labels

 Sew on Clothing Labels

Simple ways to save on your custom sew on clothing labels.

  1. Keep it Simple. Simple custom sew on clothing labels with only a few colors will go a long way. Or if you are interested in custom printed labels, each color (aside from the ribbon color) is one custom plate. Each plate has its own one-time cost, making elaborate designs more costly initially.
  1. Think Small – But Not Too Small. In most custom labels (printed labels, woven labels, hang tags, or any other custom clothing label) the smaller the better. Having a small sew on clothing label can often keep costs down. However, be careful how small, because having a very small custom label can actually increase your cost. This is normally true for custom woven labels.
  1. Plan Ahead. Many times customers are in a rush for their custom sew on clothing labels. Often these clothing labels are a last minute thought. While, we have very fast production times, customers in a rush for their labels generally need the shipping rushed resulting in higher delivery costs sometimes five times the cost. Planning ahead and preparing vectored artwork to scale with plenty of time for sampling and production will help reduce both shipping costs and even production time.
  1. Thin, Thin, Thin. Custom hang tags can get very costly depending on the intricacy and details of the custom clothing tag. Like with keeping the labels simple, keeping the hang tag thin rather than using a thick bulky card stock, will keep the cost low. The thinner stock is less expensive to produce and will also cost less to ship since it is not as heavy and bulky.
  1. Strength in Numbers. The best way to save money on custom sew on clothing labels is to run in large bulk quantities. The greater the quantity the more efficient the process gets, this makes it easier to reduce costs and give the customer the benefit of that cost reduction. This is especially true of custom woven labels due to the production being created in huge sheets on a loom.


For more on tips on how to save with items like sew on clothing labels just give us a call or fill out our contact form, we’re here to help! Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you in 24 hours or less.


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