Top 3 reasons to use custom Garment tags

Top 3 Reason to Use Custom Garmnet tags –

Custom Hang tags can be seen as such a small thing, but if you look, they are on just about every product; especially garments.

Why do so many companies use Custom Hang tags? Some would even say they are useless! However, custom hang tags can play an important role in selling any garment. Here are 3 reasons why custom hang tags are important:

  1. Branding- Custom hang tags are a great way to reinforce your style and how you want your company to be perceived overall. Designing a custom hang tag correctly can help customers see your company the way you want to be seen.Custom Hang tags
  2. Information- While branding is essential for any company, giving customers information about your company and/or your product can leave a lasting impression. Custom hang tags are a great way to provide this information. It could be product information or even company information. Informed customers can often feel more comfortable with their purchase and more likely to spread that information to others making your brand or product better known. These hang tags can also be used anywhere for basic information such as size and price or for bar-code information to track sales and inventory.Custom Hang tags
  3. Promotional- Certain Custom Hang tags can also serve as an added promotional item. Custom sticker hang tags or key chain hang tags are a great way to give your customer something a little extra to help them promote your company. Clearly this benefits both you and your customer making a custom hang tag that serves a dual purpose a win-win.   Custom Hang tags


Clearly, custom hang tags can be a very useful tool for any product or company. To check out our most current Custom Hang Tags Check out our Clothing Hang Tag Pintrest Board.  Be sure to keep these three points in mind when designing you next custom hang tag. If interested in ordering custom hang tags then please visit our page about how to Order Custom Hang Tags

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