Custom Made Clothing Labels: Printed vs Woven


Custom Clothing Labels, how to pick the righ label?CUSTOM CLOTHING LABELS

If you are just starting out and ordering custom clothing labels for the first time, you may want to know what your options are. There are two different types of clothing labels, both with their own advantages and disadvantages. These clothing labels include woven labels and printed labels.

Woven Custom Clothing Labels for hang tags or clothing

Woven labels are made on a huge weaving loom and come out in one big sheet of thread which is then sent to a cut and fold machine. This is the main reason the minimum for custom woven labels is generally higher; normally around 1,000 pieces.

While the weaving process only takes a day or two, considering the number of labels, the cut and fold process usually takes the most time. This is why sample time is from one to two days and production is from five to seven days.

These custom clothing labels are most commonly sewn into the neck seam, side seam or on the sleeve or bottom of a garment depending on the purpose of the label. Other times though they are applied to woven hang tags.

Since these are customized clothing labels, they can be used to brand, decorate, or give size and care information without losing shape or color. These custom clothing labels can be more cost effective because the price does not affected by design and color, but size.

Custom Clothing Labels that are printed

Printed custom made clothing labels are just as they sound. These are labels printed on ribbon using ink and plates. Each printed label normally has at least one plate because there will be one plate for each color used on the labels. Printed colors can be matched to specific pantones, whereas thread from woven labels is harder to match unless dyed, which is extremely costly.

There are thermal printed labels as well that do not require plates; however, these are poor quality and are more like to fade over time. Printed clothing labels are most often used as informational labels such as care content and size tabs sewn into the inside neck or lower side seam of a garment.

These custom made clothing labels are quick to produce at five to seven days of production time depending on the type of cut and fold, if any at all. Sampling is generally only a digital e-proof, however if a physical sample is required, plates are needed and will take two to three business days.

Printed labels are excellent when soft labels are needed because very soft satin and cotton materials can be used with ultrasonic cutting, making them very comfortable for any garment.

How Are Hang Tags Used in Design?

Both of these types of custom clothing labels are very commonly used for branding and information purposes. While custom woven labels are generally more cost effective and durable, they are woven with thread and sometimes cannot be as precise as our custom clothing labels.

Printed labels, on the other hand, can be very specific when it comes to color and pattern. However, they can be initially very costly when it comes to size breaks and multiple colors because each color and size will need their own individual plate. Printed labels are also more costly to adjust than woven, making woven labels more desirable for customer trying new custom made clothing labels.

In the end, what works best for all depends on what you need. Just feel free to Contact CBF Labels here.

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