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Liquid Metal is unique, it is different, and it is trending.
We just witnessed Liquid Metal trend big and you probably will too. CBF Labels and the Anaheim Ducks go together[...]
Custom T-Shirt Tags and Labels
Custom T-Shirt Tags & Labels Just about every piece of clothing comes with an apparel label. For something so small,[...]
4 Things to Look for on a Garment Label
Clothing labels are one of the most overlooked things on clothes. They are small usually an inch or an inch[...]
5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on your Next Label Order
Are you looking to add that last finishing touch to your apparel trim or do you just want to include[...]
🌞Sticker Branding – 4 Sticker Marketing Ideas Local Organizations Use That Your Business Isn’t (But Should)
Sticker Marketing Strategies & Branding Ideas - 4 Ways Local Organizations Are Using Printed Stickers When we brainstorm ideas on[...]
5 Ways to Help Identify Vintage Clothing by Brand Labels
So you may just be getting into the vintage clothing community, and you find everything about it fascinating. You may[...]

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