We Are CBF Labels Inc

In the summer of 1992 a young businessman saw the need for apparel trims in the Los Angeles area. He wanted to sell more than standard corporate business forms. Customers kept inquiring about clothing labels and that got him thinking. He realized the opportunity to support his growing family and help other expanding businesses by providing custom labels to his clients. With the support of this family, he started CBF Labels Inc in his family’s small apartment in Tustin, CA.

Business really started to take off in the garment trim area and people were loving the custom labels that CBF could provide.

Pretty soon CBF Labels was able to buy the machinery to make printed labels in his garage. With much determination he developed relationships with US and overseas factories to make affordable custom trims.

There were often days of trial and error, but soon CBF was a successful, well-developed business, with customers all over the world. The young businessman had discovered the best system for custom labels.

Today you have an awesome team of people who specialize in custom trims and have extensive knowledge in the industry. For over 25 years the team has been delivering labels that are manufactured all over the world. We have local factories if customers need certain trims made in America and in addition connections with overseas factories to have your labels made economical. This has caused CBF Labels to be rated #1 time and time again for the best custom garment trims and overall customer satisfaction in the USA for all of CBF Labels Clients.

“We look forward to helping your business by providing your custom trims!” – The Team at CBF Labels

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