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Hang Tags made by CBF are all customized to meet the needs of our customers. Clothing Tags can be any shape, size, color, material and thickness. Some customers think outside regular paper Hang Tags by making stickers, etched wood or embossed leather patches that serves as a hangtags for their garment. Other materials that designers have designed as Hang Tags are woven labels, printed labels, printed chipboard, coated fabric, or rubber/PVC pieces like a key chain.

Custom garment tags are an excellent way to promote brand identification.

Because everything is custom we can do any thickness of paper stock requested. Other special options include soft-touch coating and foil printing. Soft touch coating gives the paper Hang tags a soft velvet finish. Foil printing makes the text or image metallic and reflective. The foil can be any color desired.

Hang Tags need to be attached to the product and there are many great options. We carry twine, yarn, elastic, satin ribbon, wax coated string, hemp string, polyester string, jute string, grosgrain ribbon, as well as ball and metal chains. When you add string to your custom order it comes attached to the garment tag and knotted. The length of the string option is also up to the customer. Below are options of pins that can also come on your Hang Tags in order to secure them to garments. Check out all the custom clothing labels that CBF can provide you as well.

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  • Sample 10 business days
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  • Production 7-10 business days
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