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Custom garment tags are an excellent way to promote brand identification.

Here at CBF, we make our clothing hang tags in any shape, size, color and thickness depending on the material requested or needed to make you the best custom hang tag. We can even make sticker hang tags. Our paper stock ranges anywhere from 9 point to 70 point thickness. We also offer many different options such as string, rope, chain and safety pins. We also have eco-friendly hang tags for the environmentally conscious company.  In addition we offer the USA garment industries best turn around times shown below:

  • Sample Time: 5-7 Days
  • Production Time: 7-10 Days
  • Minimum:1,000 Pieces (exception can be made for new clients)

Custom Hang Tags

As any designer knows, the barriers to good marketing are everywhere. With a lot of competition, designers have to do everything they can to stand out to the customer. Excellent custom hang tags can be one of your best chances to connect with the customer and set your clothing apart in the marketplace. CBF Labels specializes in creating attractive, well-made clothing hang CUSTOM HANG TAGStags that catch the customer’s eye and give designers the opportunity to extend their brand messaging. CBF can assist you in this by making the most customized hang tags for apparel line.

 CBF offers the most Flexibility for your customization of  Custom Clothing Hang TagsHang Tags
At CBF Labels, our greatest pride is giving each customer exactly what they want. This philosophy is especially true of our clothing hang tags, which can be created using a variety of materials including paper, wood and leather and designed in any shape, size, thickness, or color the customer desires. We have even created sticker hang tags for customers who would prefer to go in that direction. As an example of our flexibility, we offer tags in paper stock ranging from 9 point to 70 point thickness, as well as laser etched wood, leather and other materials. If you have an idea let us know and we can probably make it happen. Don’t feel as though you’re stuck with string when it comes to attaching your hang tag either. We offer additional hanging options such as leather strips, rope, chains, and even safety pins. To the right you can see one example of a custom hang tag that was made of wood and then dye cut and custom engraved. Check out all of out custom made Hang tags on our Pintrest Page.

 Eco-Friendly Materials
Yes we can use renewable materials. If requested, we will use only eco-friendly materials to create your apparel hang tags. You will get the branding power you need, without the environmental side effects, giving you a strong statement to the marketplace when used in your overall marketing strategy.

 Only the Best Apparel Hang Tags
If you want apparel that looks professional and really stands out on a rack of clothing, good garment hang tags are a must. Though they have been used in the clothing industry for branding and care instructions for years, don’t feel as though the possibilities end there. With CBF’s clothing hang tags, you can give your customers the information they need at the point of purchase, encourage them to visit your website, or simply send a cool message.


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